We pride ourselves on our real ales served under gravity straight from a still at the back of the bar. Our current selection of beers are listed below.


We held our 14th Beer festival (2017) featuring some great bitters, ales and cyders, on Sat 26th August and Sun 27th August.

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The Brewing Process
Brewing is a process steeped in tradition. Harvested East Anglian barley grains are first kiln dried to produce that characteristic flavour of malt. Malt is then milled and 'mashed' in hot liquor to produce a sweet 'wort' that is boiled together with whole hops. Next the hopped wort is cooled then fermented by adding yeast. Hops were not introduced into the brewing process until the 16th Century when Flemish immigrants began growing hops in Kent. The flowers from the hop vines are dried in oast houses before being added to the beer. They improved the keeping qualities, added a rich aroma and bitter flavour to the beer.   





Light, hoppy and bitter. Brewed using a standard pale malt and crystal malt mix with Goldings and Fuggles hops.
Location: Debenham, Suffolk for further details on their website click here>



Silver Adder is a light coloured bitter with fine hop and malt combinations giving a refreshing crisp finish. Brewed to celebrate 25 years of brewing.

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk  

    MAULDONS, DICKENS 4.0% abv

A light coloured bitter with a fine distinctive hop nose. It delivers a refreshingly dry fruity finish. 

Location: Sudbury,  Suffolk


National Guest Ale


A seasonal crafted porter. With hints of rum mingling with coffee and vanilla flavours, this lovingly crafted Festivity is a truly wonderful old-style seasonal porter. Festivity (5.0% vol) is a wonderful winter brew, brilliantly brewed using floor-malted Maris Otter barley and roasted chocolate malt, together with Challenger and Bramling Cross hops from Kent.

Location: Bristol  






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